Gen 2 aims to exceed our clients’ expectations through our commitment to consistently providing reliable, high quality cleaning services. We understand that this is a ‘Top Down’ process which means senior management takes an active responsibility in looking after you at a personal level.

Gen 2 might make mistakes, but we don’t make excuses!

If you have a problem, Gen 2 will address it quickly. There’s no wading through layers of middle-management trying to get an answer. Our average response time to an issue in the Sydney Metropolitan area is only 2 hours.

Enjoying the journey. Gen 2 cleaners are on the whole a happy lot. That’s because they are well paid and well supported by management. In fact the average term of employment for Gen 2 staff is over 3 years, which in our industry is exceptional.

Less is more. We’d rather make less margin and allocate funds to ensuring your site is well maintained and your allocated cleaners are happy. This is a long term approach which has bought Gen 2 a lot of success as well as a lot of loyal clients.

Embracing change. Gen 2 is an industry leader in the adoption of technology. Our digital reporting technology – FreshOps and iAuditor – ensure that ‘easy to forget’ periodical tasks are taken care of by cleaners and also keep our clients in the loop.

So, if you’re looking for a cleaning company that’s big enough to have all the ‘Bells and whistles’ but small enough to take the time to understand your unique needs and spend time with, then the answer’s right here!