Waste Management & Removal

At Gen 2 we work with you to develop a waste removal plan that is better for the environment and better for your bottom-line.

We start with an audit of your current situation. For a small to medium business, this may be as simple as determining the number of bins you have, the type of waste they store and their size.

Next we assess how and what type of waste your organization generates.

Gen 2 then looks at how best to streamline and optimize your general waste and recycling practices. Once these plans are implemented we provide you with simple reporting options.

Our waste removal services include:

  • General Waste: food scraps, used food containers, plastic bags, ceramics
  • Paper and Cardboard: magazines, newspapers, office paper
  • Recyclables: (previously known as co-mingled) empty plastic bottles and containers, empty glass bottles, paper and cardboard
  • All bins are clearly marked and provided free of charge.

Other waste removal services include:

  • E-waste (electronic waste): computers, printers, keyboards and cables
  • Green Waste: tree pruning’s and garden waste
  • Construction & Demolition Waste: plaster, steel, concrete
  • Grease Trap: pumping out and cleaning
  • Sanitary Waste: management & disposal


Integrated Offer: Gen 2’s waste removal service can be integrated with cleaning and other associated services. ONE CONTACT. ONE INVOICE. BIGGER SAVINGS.

To find out more about Gen2’s Waste Removal service call: 1300 881 260