Return to The Ice Age

Given all the press given to ‘Global Warming’ lately it’s a refreshing change to talk with a man whose sole business is to bring a cool change to Sydney business.

Sam Hanna owner of Iceman Refrigeration claims that many of the operators in his industry have turned a cold shoulder toward the smaller end of town and are now focusing almost exclusively on major accounts.

“We have our fair share of larger customers, but being a small businessperson myself, I will always take the time to help out the little guy,” said Hanna.

“Like a lot of businesses mine’s about building trust, and the best way to go about doing that is by putting something on the line,” continued Hanna. “Right now, I’m offering a free service call plus one free hour of labour, (worth $160) to any new client that wants to trial my service,” continued Hanna.

Ice man refrigeration offers service, repair and maintenance to all types of commercial refrigeration units.

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