Waste Disposal at Wholesale Rates

After months of negotiations with some of Sydney’s leading waste disposal companies, Gen 2 has negotiated a deal with Capital City Waste to remove waste for its clients at wholesale rates.

According to Danny Fildissis, Director of Gen 2, the move to bundled services marks an important step in Gen 2’s growth.

“The commercial cleaning market is changing. Businesses today are pressing for greener cleaning solutions and streamlined services,” said Fildissis. The fact that we can bundle cleaning and waste disposal on one invoice and save our clients money helps Gen 2 to build new business as well as strengthen relationships with existing clients.”

Many of Gen 2’s clients in the hospitality sector have already signed up for the bundled service. According to Theo Damianakis, Licensee at the Warren View Hotel, the transition to the new set-up has worked out well.

“Gen 2 and Capital City Waste took the time to come out and conduct a waste audit, put in new bins and change pick up times to better meet our needs,” said Theo. “I’ve had no problems with the service so far and it’s also working out to be a fair bit cheaper,” he continued.

Kevin Gray of Capital City Waste claims that helping the environment ends up being a byproduct of doing good business.

“It all starts with a waste audit, claims Gray. When people are shown how to separate their waste more efficiently, we can work out what bins and what bin sizes best suit their needs. Once we’ve got this in-line the savings start to add up,” said Gray.

To arrange a free waste audit, simply call Gen 2 on 1300 881 260.

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